Style and Shape

Blister-dispensation medical packaging, made of BillerudKorsnäs White 220 gsm, demonstrating the design possibilities offered by a really strong light-weight material.

The combination of strength, formability and an excellent printing surface is due to the use of long, strong and resilient fibres from slow-growing Nordic spruce and pine. Short, dense fibres from birch are used on the top layer to give a maximum surface appearance and print result.

Because the material is strong, the grammage can be reduced without compromising performance, and save cost throughout the value chain.

Excellent print results

APPEARANCE, PRINT QUALITY and post-treatment effects are important factors for brand communication.

The new triple-layer coating concept and improved fibre formation provide enhanced printing properties, offering sharp detail and lifelike colour reproduction. With the new low grammages (220 and 235 gsm), White is an interesting proposition for the graphical industry.


GREAT POSSIBILITIES FOR INNOVATIVE SHAPES and attractive designs. This means freedom for packaging designers. Because the material is strong, stiff and sturdy, it offers great shapeability and shape retention.

Structural strength – no delamination

OUR STRONG LAYER STRUCTURE minimizes the risk of delamination, especially around sensitive areas such as creases and edges. Thanks to the strength of our cartonboard, the packaging gets reliable, functional tear strips. Structural strength is equally important to folders and book covers, which are subject to wear and tear.

Smart functions

THE HIGH TEAR STRENGTH offers the possibility for integrated solutions such as tear strips, dispensers and tamper-proofing features.


STRENGTH AND TOUGHNESS allow for deep embossing –corresponding to 50% of the material thickness – which enables great, distinct results without risk of cracking.

Techniques, package

  • Spot color
  • Spot varnish
  • Debossing
  • Blind embossing
  • Braille (says Style)
  • Hot foil stamping

Techniques, fake tablets

  • CMYK printing
  • Spot varnish
  • Embossing

Techniques, insert

  • Spot color
  • Spot varnish
  • Embossing

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