• Creasing
  • Folding
  • Die-cutting
  • Perforation


Carton Solutions is your knowledge resource to help you ensure functional, protective, appealing cost-effective and user-friendly packaging. Take advantage of our cartonboard expertise!


New strength and stability

The white prototypes are used for demonstrating design possibilities, material properties in a real-life context and convertability. Because packaging is part of your brand communication, you must select a packaging material that reflects the quality of your brand.


THE CARTONBOARD MUST NEVER CRACK at folds and creases. BillerudKorsnäs cartonboard is made of long, strong and resilient wood fibres, which makes the material tough. With toughness and stiffness, the packaging looks premium, which makes your brand look premium.

Print surface

THE TOP SURFACE FEATURES a triple coating for optimized printing properties. The smooth and high-white print surface offers vibrant colour, a wide colour gamut and lifelike colour reproduction. This is true also for cartonboard with a brown reverse side. The high whiteness and brightness bring our white/brown grades up to white/white printing standards. Excellent fibre formation means a surface that offers uniform and even print results, without mottling or cloudiness.

Tear strip

STIFF AND STABLE MATERIAL allows for tear strips that really work as they should. The tear strips are user friendly and offer effortless function.


ALTHOUGH THIS PACKAGING is made of a rather low grammage it features a large window without this compromising shape or stability. Thanks to the stiffness of the material, packaging performance is not affected. Windows are die-cut. Detailed or intricate patterns can be cut using laser.

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